Shipbuilding News 2015/10/13

News Brief:
Shipbuilding News:* Defunct Zhenghe yard calls for new investors to help with restructuring * Coastal Contracts goes to arbitration to settle dispute with CIMC Raffles Offshore * Petrofac cancels deepwater offshore newbuild contract at ZPMC * HMD bags Japanese MR duo * Dae Sun wins more 1,800TEUs * Korean ship financing, ‘not enough’ 

Shipping News:* China’s Supertanker Traffic Jam Propels Global Shipping Rates* WAF-Far East VLCC freight rates rise to fresh 5.5-year high on tight tonnage
Steel News:* Dalian iron ore retreats after rally, Shanghai rebar cuts gains 
Energy News:* Oil prices plunge amid increasing output
Biz China:* Central bank to expand relending plan

Baltic Dry Index0)BDI      809              (()BCI   1,551            +2           ()BPI      768 +7BSI      666             ()-3BHSI    380              (0)

 TC Avg ($/day) BCI  5T/C     10,706            () -8()BPI  4T/C       6,156         +54BSI  6T/C       6,964          ()-31
 Exchange RateUSD / KRW   1,147.4USD / RMB    6.3231
Crude Future ($/barrel)WTI       47.46Brent     50.75
Buker  (Singapore, $/ton)  IF380      IFO180     MDO     MGO254.00      269.00     459.00   469.00