two uints 1500 m3 unmanned nonpropelled Spilt Hopper Barge for sale!

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Esmated to deliver May,2016 ,China

Class:BV,unrestricted navigation

L/B/D :59 x 15 x 5 m



Hydraulic cylinder :aft/fore  32mpa Rexroth Bosch Group

Price:usd 1.13 million


The vessel, as a unmanned nonpropelled Spilt Hopper Barge within Unrestricted Navigation,is  to be adapted to cooperate with Bucket Dredger,Grab Dredger and so on to load and unload mud,sands and rubbles. Dredging within 8 miles from shore ( Hs < 1.5 m)


Length Overall              abt. 59.00m

Length B.P.                 57.60m

Breadth Mld.               15.00m

Depth Mld                  5.00m

Draught Designed           3.822m

Deadweight at draft designed    abt. 2550 t

Note: Taken the density of the spoil as 1.800t/m^3.


MUD HOLDER(100%)          abt. 1500 m3

F.O.T.(98%)                  abt. 0.57 m3

Classification Society:


Hydraulic cylinders

The two cylinders will be of regenerative type and fully fitted for their purpose. Capacity of the cylinders is aprox 5900 kN each, the stroke is 3000 mm approx. The hydraulic cylinders are mounted fully horizontally.

Two sets of hinging are mounted between FR.4and FR.5, FR.26 and FR.27. The vessel can split or shut while the hydraulic cylinders piston rods extend or draw back controlled from the console in diesel engine room.

A restrictive switch shall be provided to restrict the vessel split angle no more than 36°.

The parameter of the hydraulic cylinders:

Bore Dia.:  φ560mm  Pressure:  32MPa

Rod diameter:φ280  Stroke: 3000mm

(All details given in good faith but w.o.g.)

Details available against named interests.

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