1500 CBM Split Hopper Barge

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1500 CBM Split Hopper Barge

The navigate area of this split hopper barge is coastal area of Singapore,and it can

load and delivery mud .

This vessel is steel, single deck, mixed framework, fore & aft elevatory deck, double

diesel engine, double propeller, double rudder, type of stern engine split hopper barge.

Classification Society :RINA

Dimensions of ship type

Length, over all                68.40m

Length, designed water line      67.08m

Length, b.p                   64.80m

Breadth, moulded              13.80m

Depth, moulded                5.20m

Designed draft                  4.30m

Speed                        ~10kn

Complement                   12p

Gross tonnage                  1497t

Net tonnage                    449t

Capacity                               1523.60m3

Mud Hold  (FR27~FR89)                ~1523.60m3

F.W.TK. (P&S) (Stern~FR1)                 ~100.10m3

F.W.TK. (FR14~FR15)                      ~2.12m3

F.O.TK. (P&S) (FR18~FR23)                ~74.14m3

D.O.TK. (P&S) (FR18~FR23)                 ~2.64m3

F.P.TK.&F.W.B.TK.(P&S)  (FR100~Stem)     ~ 230.00 m3

Machinery Part

Main engine

Type:K38-M (CUMMINS)diesel engine two sets.

Rated Power:596KW×1800r/min.

Type of gear box:HCT800/1,9.12:1

Main diesel generator. three(3)sets

Opening equipment

The ship adopts two open cylinder body, cylinder diameter: 630mm; piston rod diameter:

320mm;stroke:2550mm;working  pressure:25Mpa;rated pressure:31.5Mpa;

examination pressure:37.5Mpa

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