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» Shipbuilding News 2016/09/08

News Brief: Shipbuilding News: * YZJ downsizes and sells assets * HHIC delays delivery of two boxships * HHI hires new workers in 2H * DSME moves Seoul workers to Geoje * Korea won eight NBs in August * Wisdom orders 63K BC duo from Imabari * Oshima penetrates in feeder boxship sector Shipping News: * South Korea court asks Hanjin Shipping creditor for funds

» Shipbuilding News 2016/07/13

News Brief: Shipbuilding News: * Torm raises funds for LR2 tanker quartet * KDB to Finalize SHI’s Self-Rescue Plan This Week * HHIC to turn black, first in three years * HHI in talks with HMC, Meritz to sell securities unit * NB investment “lowest in 35 years” Shipping News: * Hanjin Shipping to Sell Vietnamese Terminal St

» Shipbuilding News 2016/07/12

News Brief: Shipbuilding News: * Jinhai builds VLCC for parent company * CSSC bags 2+2 Swedish MR tankers * SOE in danger of massive NB cancellation * Sungdong’s goliath crane to be sold * Japanese shipbuilders place bets on containerships, tankers Shipping News: * GasLog Secures Charter for Its LNG Newbuilding * Clarks

» Shipbuilding News 2016/07/05

News Brief: Shipbuilding News: * Fincantieri, CSSC Tap Into China’s Growing Cruise Industry * Korean ship export saw 30% up in June * '20-year low' NB records in 1H * HHI used special material for LPGC construction * SHI labor union mulls over slowdown Shipping News: * Maersk May Take Over Hyundai Merchant Marine * HMM

» Shipbuilding News 2016/07/04

News Brief: Shipbuilding News: * YZJ sets up new investment company   * STX's seven tankers axed * KOGAS to award repair work to domestic yard * HHI-Saudi Arabia discuss yard construction * Korea’s Big Three to Lose State Aid if Restructurings Fail? Shipping News: * Vale says sold three Valemax iron ore ships to ICBC for

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