Tanker weekly report

Ibaizabal Tankers have committed their Suezmax “Monte Toledo” 150/2004
Universal, Japan (SS/DD 05/2024, BWTS & Scrubber fitted) to undisclosed
buyers for region USD 35 mill. For reference, the one-year-younger Korean
built “Sonangol Kassanje” 158/2005 Daewoo, Korea (SS/DD 06/2025, BWTS
fitted) was sold back in June at USD 37 mill.
The LR1 sister vessels “Mandala” 65/2006 Brodosplit, Croatia (SS 03/2026,
DD 04/2024, Ice Class 1B) & “Donna” 65/2006 Brodosplit, Croatia (SS
06/2026, DD 09/2024, Ice Class 1B) were sold at USD 21 mill each. Note that
a week ago, the one-year-younger sister vessel “President I” 65/2007
Brodosplit, Croatia (SS 09/2027, DD 12/2025, Ice Class 1B) was sold at USD
28,6 mill.
The MR2 “Celsius Roskilde” 46/2009 Hyundai Mipo, Korea (SS/DD 08/2024,
BWTS fitted) was committed at region USD 25 mill. Remind you that a
couple of months ago, the one-year-younger sister vessel “Celsius Riga”
46/2010 Hyundai Mipo, Korea (SS 05/2025, DD 04/2026, BWTS fitted) was
sold at USD 28,5 mill.