Neda Maritime Agency have committed their Capesize “Ariadne” 180/2009
Daewoo, Korea (SS/DD 02/2024) at excess USD 21 mill. Note that the one
year-younger “Cape Agamemnon” 179/2010 Sungdong, Korea (SS 07/2025,
DD 12/2023) was sold in July at USD 22 mill. Moreover, the “Mount Apo”
175/2012 Jiangsu, China (SS 04/2027, DD 09/2025, BWTS & Scrubber fitted)
of Eastern Pacific was sold to German buyers at USD 24,75 mill. Remind you
that the one-year-older “Aquaenna” 176/2011 Jinhai, China (SS/DD
08/2025, BWTS fitted) was sold back in June at USD 22,4 mill.
Michele Bottiglieri Armatore have sold their Post Panamax sister vessels
“MBA Giovanni” 93/2010 Jiangsu, China (SS/DD 04/2025, BWTS fitted) &
“MBA Rosaria” 93/2011 Jiangsu, China (SS/DD 07/2025, BWTS fitted) to
Indonesian buyers PT Samudera Indonesia for USD 16 & 16,75 mill
respectively. Remind you that three months ago, the older sister vessel
“Claire Z” 93/2009 Jiangsu, China (SS/DD 09/2024, BWTS fitted) was sold at
low-mid USD 16 mill.
The Ultramax “SSI Formidable” 63/2017 Jinling, China (SS 07/2027, DD
01/2026, BWTS fitted) of Densay Shipping & Trading was committed to
undisclosed buyers for USD 27 mill. For comparison, the two-years-older
“Kambos” 63/2015 Cosco, China (SS/DD 06/2025, BWTS fitted) was sold a
month ago at USD 24,5 mill.
On the Supramax sector, the “Pythagoras” 56/2012 Mitsui, Japan (SS
03/2027, DD 07/2025, BWTS fitted) from Samos Steamship was sold at USD
18,2 mill, while the one-year-younger sister vessel “New Direction” 56/2013
Mitsui, Japan (SS 06/2028, DD 04/2026, BWTS fitted) was sold in June at USD
19,6 mill.
Further to last week’s sale of the Handysize “Tomini Norte” 38/2016 Avic,
China (SS 09/2026, DD 12/2024, BWTS fitted), the sister vessel “Tomini
Ghibli” 37/2016 Avic, China (SS 05/2026, DD 05/2024, BWTS fitted) is now
sold at mid-high USD 17 mill also. In addition, the OHBS “Lila Piraeus”
33/2010 Yangzhou, China (SS 07/2025, DD 12/2023.