13000dwt stainless steel chemical tanker for sale

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The  vessel  to  be  designed  as  a  ice  classed  tanker  for  petroleum products  and  chemicals  according  to  Class  notation  and  technical

construction, compatible with cargo tank material.  The  vessel  to  be  a  single  decked,  single  screw  motor  ship  with  machinery and accommodation located aft.    Double bottom and double skin to be arranged  in way of cargo tankregion.  HFO  tanks  in engine  room arranged with  cofferdams against  outershell.  

The  cargo  tank  section  to  be  subdivided  by  six  (6)  transverse bulkheads  and  one  longitudinal  bulkhead  at  the  centre  line.  Slop

tanks and one cargo drain tank to be arranged aft of cargo tanks.  All cargo and slop tanks to be of 2205 duplex stainless steel material.

The  cargo  area  to  be  separated  from  the  collision  bulkhead  by  a  cofferdam and thruster room.

Cargoes :    Petroleum products  and  chemicals, with  specific  gravities up  to  1.55t/m3,  which  can  be  lawfully  carry  according  to  Class  Notation,technical  construction  and  cargo  system,  and  not  harmful  to  vessel'scoating.  


Main dimensions:    

    Length o.a., abt.     :       abt. 119.99 m  

    Length b.p.          :      113.80 m  

    Breadth moulded     :      22.00 m  

    Depth moulded, abt.  :      11.40 m  

    Draft, design        :       8.50 m  

    Draft, scantling      :       abt. 8.50 m      


Gross tonnage:               Abt.      8,500t  

No. of cargo tanks:   Twelve (12) cargo tanks, all smooth walled  /Two (2) slop tanks on deck  

Speed:          13.0 knots

Fuel consumption:    Abt.12.9 t/day with fuel LCV 42707kJ/kg under ISO conditions

Complement:     18 p

Capacities:   Cargo tanks (100%, incl. slop )       :   abt.    14,300 m3  

Ballast water tanks                            :   abt.    5,000 m3  

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), storage, serv.               :   abt.    500 m3  

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)                         :   abt.    90 m3  

Lub. Oil                                     :   abt.    50 m3  

Fresh water tanks - potable                     :   abt.    150 m3


BV   I    XHULL,    XMACH, Oil  tanker  / Chemical  tanker  IMO  type  II,

ESP, Unrestricted Navigation, Ice Class IC, AUT-UMS, MON-SHAFT, IGS,


Cargo pumps:   Twelve  (12)  x  335  m3/h,  110  mLC,  S.G  0.8  t/m3,  1,0  cSt,  stepless  HP hydraulic or electric motor driven, submerged centrifugal pumps with buil

on air-stripping system, stainless steel AISI 316L. One pump for each cargo


Propulsion Plant:   One  (1)  

Type  :  WARTSILA 5X35 or MAN equivalent    

Output    :   Abt. 3485 kW  

Speed    :   abt. 142 rpm  

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