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Product Details

Description of Ship

3800m3 Cutter Suction Dredger

The vessel is a non-propelled cutter suction dredger with following performance:

A.  Apply to dredge silt, clay, medium snd, fine sand, sandy clay and hard soil as well.

B.  Apply to dredge in coastal waters waterway, reclamation, etc.

C.  The dredger could be towed for transportation in great coastal service area after the compartments are sealed and strengthened.

Principal Particulars

Main dimensions

L.O.A.:                  ~97.0 m(cutter ladder to be lifted over the water

Length:                    82.6 m

Breadth (molded):    18.2 m

Depth (molded) :       5.2 m

Design Draft:             3.5  m

Complement:             29  persons

Dredging performance

Max. dredging depth:                                        27 m

Min. dredging depth:                                          6 m

Design Max. discharge distance  :                       ~4500 m

Diameter of suction pipe :                                  DN900 mm

Diameter of discharge pipe  :                              DN850 mm

Water flow rate for inboard dredge pump :          14400 m3/h

Water flow rate for submersible dredge pump:     14400 m3/h

Main equipment

(1) Dredge pump

Inboard pump:      double wall type, 14400 m3/h, shaft power3229 kw×1set

Submersible pump:           singe wall type, 14400 m3/h, shaft power1552 kw×1set

(2) Diesel engine

Inboard dredge pump diesel engine:   4412 kW×1set

Hydraulic pump diesel engine:   2426kW×1set

Submersible pump generating diesel engine:    2426kW×1set

Main generator engine:       330kW×3set

(3)   Generator

Electric axis system generator:     2300kW×1set

Main generator  300kW×3set

(4)Cutter :      1100kW


This ship can be built under BV,RINA,CCS classification.