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Description of Marine Lifesaving  Equipment

Marine lifesaving equipment includes life jackets, buoy, life raft, breathing apparatus, line throwing device, emergency lights and so on. we can supply whole ship life-saving equipment according to customer requirements.

Specifications Available

Life Jackets

Applied to life saving for seamen and passengers on board vessels sailing
on the sea,coast and ribber.
inside material:EPE foamed polyethylene.

In accordance with SOLAS 74 ,the International Life-saving Appliance Code,

and MSC. 81(70), MSC.297(85), MSC.207(81), MSC.200(80)


Life buoys are fit for all kinds of vessels and aquatic equipment,used by the seamen and

passengers for life saving.The life buoys of more than 4.0kg are used to release the self-activated

smoke signal,supplying life buoys for the rescues and research direction for the rescuers.

In accordance with SOLAS(74/96),the International Life-saving Appliance Code,and MSC.81(70).
Outside material:HDPE
Inside material:hard PU.
Lift Raft

Suitable for installing in the vessels sailing on international voyages.It meets the China MSA-" Regulations

for the Statutory Surveys of Ships and offshore Installations—Technical Regulations for the

Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Ships Engaged in Domestic Voyages" 2004, and it's 2008 Amendments,

Part4, Ch.3.and SOLAS(74/96),LSA,MSC.81(70), MSC.226(82), MSC.218(82), MSC.293(87),ISO15738(2002).

Breathing Apparatus

1.Working pressure:30 MPa
2.Air Deposit:1500-2400L
3.Using Time:40-50 min
4.Alarm Pressure:4-6 MPa
Life Boat

Free fall lifeboat is the type that embarkation at the aft hatch, its building is according to the

latest regulations of SOLAS and rules of international life saving equipments (LSA), Revision bill

of MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85) and resolutions of MSC.81(70) , Revision bill of MSC.226(82), MSC.274(85).

It can safely evacuate crew from vessels or offshore platforms upon the slipways. The free fall release systems

are specifically designed for easy activation by the crew,Safe and reliable.

Related Davit

Fast rescue boat landing device meets the requirements of the latest amendments of SOLAS ,

and rules of international life saving equipments (LSA)、Revision bill of MSC.218(82) and resolutions

of MSC.81(70)、Revision bill of MSC. 226(82) to build. It is Necessary lifesaving equipment for cruise,

offshore oil platform and ship engineering. This unit can matchany domestic high speed

lifeboats achieving international advanced level.

Emergency Lights

Applied to lifeboat /Buoy/Life Jackets/ Portable Daylight Signal Light


As an expert manufacturer in marine equipment, Our products are widely applied in such fields as petroleum platform, ocean salvage vessels, oil tankers, chemical tankers, dredgers, bulk carriers, container vessels, etc. And comply with the rules of NK, CCS, DNV, LRS, GL, BV, ABS, RINA and other international classification societies.


The cargo is packed in export grade packaging.