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Sewage Treatment Device

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Marine Sewage Treatment Plant belongs to the key devices for prevention of pollution form ships in seas and oceans  according to the revised Annex IV of the International Convention of the Prevention of Pollution (MARPOL 73/78).This device is  applicable to treat the sewage, which means human body wastes and the wastes from the toilets on vessels and which is also  called “black water”, to meet the effluent standards of IMO. MEPC.159(55), and discharge the effluent overboard . This device  is according to the resolution MEPC.159(55) enacted on 13 October 2006.The convention (MARPOL 73/78) provides that all STPs  installed on board on or after 1 January 2010 should meet the resolution MEPC159(55).
The device also can be used in terrestrial sewage,besides in ship vessels and oil platform.The water quality after treatment  can reach the national reuse water quality requirements. It is also applicable to treat the galley、shower drainage which is called  “grey water” on condition that the “grey water” is pretreated and there should select a bigger capacity model to match with.This device has obtained one item of Authorized Patent and one item of Practical new patent, meanwhile has been obtained  the Type Approval of CCS and IMO circular in April 2009, and it in February 2011 by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) type approval  certificate MED made, while providing ABS, DNV, BV, RS and other classification societies certificate.
The different effluent standards and days for type test in some organizations are as follows:


Principle Description
This device adopts the principle of Activated Sludge, Bio-contact Oxidation and Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR)  to digest organic pollutant. MBR can treat organic pollutant efficiently, drastically and cleanly to ensure the effluent can  meet the requirements of the resolution MEPC.159 (55) and other much hasher requirements.


1、Adopting horizontal circular design, ellipse closures on both ends, pressure resistance and compact structure.
2、The device is adopted auto-control, and compliance with the requirement of 24-hours unattended cabin.
3、Adopting the “MBR” technology, devices allow to the narrow size, and solve the conflict of small space of cabin, but
big volume of device.
4、The intermittent aeration in bio-membrane tank and hollow fiber membrane tank, form the process of “aerobic – anoxic”, and resolve the problem of “nitrogen and phosphorus removal”.
5、The device is adopting the principle of “air-lifting” to transfer the sludge from sediment tank and membrane tank  to aeration tank, meantimes the “pump stops and air never stopped”, so as the scale on the membrane surface comes  down. Due to back flushing and clean the membrane “online” usd technology patent.
6、”On-line” cleaning technology, making the dirt on membrane off automatically, recover membrane flux. It can be  solved the problem of opening the cleaning or replacement of membrane difficultly caused by the small space in cabin.
7、The effluent after further treatment can be reached at the requirement of “water recovery”.




As an expert manufacturer in marine equipment, Our products are widely applied in such fields as petroleum platform, ocean salvage vessels, oil tankers, chemical tankers, dredgers, bulk carriers, container vessels, etc. And comply with the rules of NK, CCS, DNV, LRS, GL, BV, ABS, RINA and other international classification societies.



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