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1.The rates quoted herein are in US Dollars.
2.The rates are applicable to the works carried out the normal working hours, that is five working days a week, and eight working hours a day. Ant works done outside of this hours or on National holidays and yards holidays shall be charged with extra overtime, ship on voyage repair will be priced extra.
3.All prices quoted herein are for ship repairs carried out in the premises of shipyard, extra price should be added for such repairs carried at the port berth, buoys, anchorage according to the actual work to be done.
4.Any vessel during the period of repair in the yard, unless agreed by the yard, the Customer shall not be permitted to employ any labour other than yard to perform repairs.
5.The yard shall not be responsible for the consequences of war, earthquake or causes beyond yards control.
6.All scrapped material except heavy parts of machinery, propeller and tailshafts shall be yards property.
7.This tariff is applicable to repair of freight carriers only, repairs of other types of ship are beyond of this tariff scope.
8.This tariff becomes effective from January 1st 2007 subject to revised price depending on the change in material cost etc. without notice.



1. Wharfage

Less than 5,000 GRT

125 per day

5,001 to 20,000 GRT

0,025 Per gross ton per day

Over 20,000 GRT

500+(Gross ton – 20000)x0,02 per day


2. Mooring and unmooring (per time)

UP to 5,000 GRT


5,001 to 10,000 GRT


10,001 to 20,000 GRT


20,001 to 30,000 GRT


30,001 to 40,000 GRT


40,001 to 50,000 GRT


50,001 to 60,000 GRT


Over 60,000 GRT




(1)Above rates at normal working hours on shipyard premises for mooring and unmooring. (include Towage service).
(2)Above rates including line handling.
(3)In case of overtime, extra 30% shall be charged.
(4)If owners change the towing plan, unless there is timely notice to shipyard, extra 50% shall be charged for waiting.

3. Shore electric power

Connection and disconnection cable

100 per time

Current, per K.W.H.(A.C)



4. Cooling water supply to food refrigerator

Line to connect and disconnect

40 per time per line

Water to supply

40 per day per line


5. Fresh water supply

Line to connect and disconnect

40 per time per line

From shore

1,0 per ton

                                (Prices are separately charged from barge)

6. Water to ballast tank (sea and river water)

Line to connect and disconnect

40 per time per line

Supply of water

0,4 per ton


7. Fire precautions

Put fire extinguishers

10 per day

Fire line to connect and disconnect

40 per time per line

Keep pressure

20 per day per line

Fire watch, per man (24 hours)

120 per day


8. Garbage disposal

30 per day


9. Compressed air supply

Line to connect and disconnect

40 per time per line

To supply

40 per day (8 hours)


10. Steam supply

Line to connect and disconnect

200 per time per line

To supply

20 per hours


11. Telephone service

Telephone wire connect and disconnect
(Toll calls to be extra)

30 per time


12. Ventilation fan

15 per set per day


13. Heating lamp for electric motor


5 per set


5 per set, per day


14. Gas free inspection


80 per time

Other vessel

40 per time


15. Rental of crane

Shore crane, less than 30 ton

90 per hour

Floating crane, less than 30 ton
50 ton
over 50 ton

90 per hour
150 per hour

Note: (1)Any fraction of one hour shall be charged as one full hour. (2)Floating crane price exclude tuggage price. (3)At shipyard out side service, price shall be charged extra.


16. Connection of sewage water drain pipes and gloves

20 per pc


17. Ship mooring gangway ladder on and off, (per time)

Less than 5000 GRT


Less than 10000 GRT


Less than 20000 GRT


Over 20000 GRT



18. Shipyard pilotage charged


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