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Product Details

Description of Ship

5500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

The vessel is designed as a self-navigated Suction Dredger suitable to scour port and channel,encircle sea,blow/fill and build land and worked for costal  area.

This vessel is a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger of full steel welded, streamline and round-bilge hull with twin screw, double  rake, single deck,bulb bow and double skegs. It can navigate

in unrestricted navigation area and operate in greater coastal area.

Principal Particulars

Main dimensions

L.O.A.:           ABT105.00M

L.B.P:                    95.20M

Breadth:                19.00M

Design draft:            7.24M

Depth,moulded:       8.00M

Design draft:            6.00M

Max Dredging DEPTH:27.00M

Complement:              30P

Navigation speed         11Kn

machinery Part

Power equipment

Use diesel engine of individual driving propeller,dredge pump and high pressure jet water pump.

The power equipment are as follows

Main propulsion engine: 2 X8320ZC2B/3B 2795 kW 600rpm MDO or 20cst oil

Diesel engine of dredge pump:  2xG6300ZC17B  1471 kW 600rpm MDO

Diesel engine of high: 2xZ12V190BC10 900 kW 1450rpm MDO

pressure jet water pump

Diesel engine of generator :set 3  CCFJ396J-M10 400 kW 1000rpm MDO

Diesel engine of emergency generator set :1xCCFJ120Y  120 kW 1500rpm MDO

Parameters of dredge pump

Dredge pump particulars as follows

Type: centrifugal type with single wall case

Clear water capacity: 10000m3/h

Head: 21.5 m

Shaft power: 735kw

Design loading capacity

Mud loading capacity :      7000t

Light diesel oil :                   230t

Heavy oil  :                310t (max446.1t)

Lubricating oil :            15t  (max72t)

Fresh water :                     150t

Supply and stores :              20t

Crew and baggage  :             5t

Dredging performance

Max dredging depth

The dredging depth is 27.0m below waterline on  the condition of light load when the angle between dredge pipe and water level is 45o

Loading time

The loading time is about 45min when dredging medium fine sand of hardness below middle level and two racks operate together and the dredging depth is 27m.(to be final confirmed by the pump efficiency.)

Hopper capacity

Max hopper capacity is 5500m3,and max mud loading capacity is 7150t.The distance from liquid level to upper edge of hatch coaming is 600mm(the highest position of overflow ladle).

dredge pump

Choose Chinese excellent dredge pumps in order to meet construction requirements.

main parameters of dredge pump

During dredging          During self-empty            Discharge

Clean water flow           10000m3/h               9000 m3/h

Total head                     21.5 m                    32m

Speed                          240 r/min              260r/min

Shaft power(clear water)   735KW                       951KW

Match power               1000KW                     1350kw

Suction pipe dia.            DN800mm

Discharge pipe dia.          DN750mm


This ship can be built under BV,RINA,CCS classification.